With the holiday season in full swing, it is hard to believe that it will soon be time to take down the decorations and put them in storage until next year. For many households, the attic is an ideal location to store holiday decorations. Pull-down attic ladders are permanently attached to the attic floor and fold down into the room below. When installed properly, pull-down ladders provide safe and convenient attic access without the need to locate a step stool. However, people often fail to recognize the potential risk posed by pull-down attic stairs.

Pull-Down Ladder Failure Can Cause Serious Injury
Although pull-down ladders are convenient, they can be dangerous if they are not installed or manufactured safely. When customers purchase a product, they expect that product to be safe to use for its intended purpose. When climbing attic stairs with a heavy load of holiday decorations, the last thing you want to be concerned about is the ability of the pull-down ladder to support your weight.

Attic ladder injuries that happen during normal use may occur because of a structural defect in the ladder. Common defects of pull-down ladders may be caused by flawed design, poor workmanship or the use of cheap materials. Often, the manufacturer will use inferior materials to save money during production. Unfortunately, their cost-saving measures can put customers at risk.

If a manufacturer continues to create a product that is known to be defective, they may be liable for a product liability lawsuit. One manufacturer has recently been subject to a lawsuit because of frequent hinge failure associated with their pull-down ladders. These hinges are made of a weaker metal that is subject to bending, cracking and shattering. When the hinges weaken, the ladder becomes unstable, increasing the risk of injury. Despite their awareness of the danger, they continued to sell the product, causing many people to become injured.

Hold Defective Ladder Manufacturers Accountable
If you have suffered a pull-down ladder injury, contact a product liability attorney to help you file an attic ladder lawsuit. Product liability lawsuits are an important way to hold manufacturers accountable and protect other consumers from harm. If the attorney can show that the manufacturer was negligent, you may be able to recover financially for your medical expenses and the pain and suffering you experienced due to the ladder defect.

At Law Offices of Gary Green, our experienced product liability lawyers will fight for your legal rights. Our goal is to help victims to recover financially for all expenses associated with their injuries. Because we understand that personal injury cases involve a great deal of stress and anxiety, we work hard on your behalf so that our clients can focus on healing. Our lawyers thoroughly investigate each case to maximize your chance of success. Once we establish that your injuries were caused by the ladder defect, we are able to hold ladder manufacturers accountable for their negligence.

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