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Sexual Abuse as a Civil Cause of Action

Sexual abuse is despicable and pervasive. There are thousands and thousands of serious instances all over this state and country. Victims are both male and female.

Victims have been victimized in Arkansas, and in this fluid society we are consulting with victims who have moved here after being victimized elsewhere.

Distinguish from a Criminal Case

Beyond a reasonable doubt burden of proof is not required, it is a preponderance of evidence, instead. A unanimous jury verdict is not required, you need 9 of 12 for a civil verdict. There are no fines or incarceration, money damages is the remedy. One does not preclude the other – the perpetrator can go to jail and still be assessed money damages. There can be respondeat superior liability for the acts of an employee or agent, e.g., the Catholic Church’s responsibility for its priests. (It can be difficult to collect damages from the perpetrator).

Different statutes of limitation apply for criminal and civil cases. (There is no criminal statute of limitation for rape or sexual abuse of a minor).

Minors as victims have at least one year after reaching the age of majority to file a civil lawsuit in most civil case types – but for sexual abuse the deadline is 3 years after discovering the effect of sexual abuse after reaching 18! Sometimes other exceptions apply:

Whenever there’s a class action the statute of limitations is tolled;

In the Catholic priests lawsuits, some states have passed laws extending the statute of limitations;

Arkansas has not yet passed legislation extending the statute of limitations for Catholic priests lawsuits;

Sometimes defendants accept responsibility beyond the statute of limitations.

At least in the Catholic priests lawsuits, a claim can be made without disclosing to the public one’s identity.

Sexual abuse as a norm has changed because of the courage of those who came forward. Vatican law has changed – it is now required that abuse and abuse cover-ups be reported. Some priests have been defrocked.

The take away is that affects of sexual abuse can be a life long torment requiring lifetime treatment. And that if you have been the victim of sexual abuse, no matter how long ago, there might be a remedy.

Roundup® & Glyphosate:  Glyphosate is a herbicide, and the main ingredient in the widely used weed killer, Roundup®, manufactured by Monsanto/Bayer. In 2008, a Swedish research team listed glyphosate exposure as a risk factor for developing non-Hodgkin lymphoma. In court filings, it is alleged that Monsanto knew about the cancer risks associated with Glyphosate since 1983, but failed to warn the public of the dangers.

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