Elmiron is a prescription medication used to treat bladder pain and discomfort associated with Interstitial Cystitis, more commonly known as bladder pain syndrome.  If you or a loved one have ever taken Elmiron you may have developed – or be at risk for developing – a form of progressive eye disease.

In 2018, Ophthalmologists from Emory Eye Center in Atlanta were the first to identify a novel eye disease in several of their patients.  The pigment cells within the patient’s retinas had literally changed colors.  Dubbed “retinal maculopathy,” the color change can cause significant dysfunction to the structure of the eye and the vision of the patient.  Emory staff discovered that each patient suffering from this retinal maculopathy was also taking the commonly prescribed drug Elmiron.  This led to an even more recent study that revealed that 24% of Elmiron users showed clear signs of retinal damage.

Researchers are still learning about the effects of Elmiron on eye function, but a couple of major concerns have been identified already.  First, there is speculation that retinal maculopathy could frequently be misdiagnosed.  It shares characteristics with macular degeneration, a very common vision disorder.  Widespread misdiagnosis could mean the prevalence of retinal maculopathy among Elmiron users is much worse than the early research indicates.

Secondly, there is growing anecdotal evidence that the effects of Elmiron may be delayed.  In some cases, the patient may not even begin showing symptoms until they’ve stopped taking Elmiron.  This is especially worrisome because it may mean that the effects cannot be lessened or reversed by simply stopping a patient from taking the medication.  It may also mean that being symptom-free now doesn’t mean that you will stay symptom-free.

Don’t delay.  If you or a loved one have taken Elmiron and are suffering from any of the following vision-related symptoms, contact our offices today for a free, no obligation legal consultation:

  • Difficulty Reading
  • Difficulty adjusting to dim lights
  • Blurred vision
  • Dark spots in center of vision
  • Straight lines appearing curved or squiggly
  • Colors appearing less vivid

The manufacturers of Elmiron knew that retinal damage was a potential side effect and failed to warn consumers. Call or email the Law Offices of Gary Green today 888.442.7947 or ggreen@gGreen.com to discuss your legal options.

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