Personal Injury

Personal injury damages can be both to the body and to the mind. When victims suffer from severe injury there is often reduced income and possibly a lost job. If the injured persons need medical care, it can become very expensive financially and mentally taxing, as the compromised lifestyle of the victim and their loved ones may suffer from stress, trauma and even depression. All of these damages can be reduced to a dollar sum in the eyes of the law, with compensation paid by those responsible. Monetary compensation is intended to put the victim back to where they should have been if the incident had not occurred and is an effort to return the injured to their normal lifestyle.

To insure all the rights of those injured are protected and the optimum compensation is obtained, the personal injury victim should consult with a law firm that is licensed to practice in the state where the incident occurred and have lawyers who have experience in the specific injury. Law Offices of Gary Green are located in Little Rock Arkansas, Memphis Tennessee and Springfield Missouri. Our lawyers are familiar with the individual laws of each state, and practice in the following types of injury:

The injured should consult a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Not having a personal injury attorney can lead to problems with proving a case, obtaining fair compensation and possible issues arising from statutes of limitations.

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