Go Green

A trial lawyer knows we have precious little time to get our point across. Every word is important and must be calculated to convey maximum effect.

Those whom we have relied upon to coin the phrase “global warming” did not choose the best words. Global warming is being debated.

Global pollution is not debatable. Global pollution is a problem we can and should do something about—and be able to see the effect of our efforts within a short period.

Law Offices of Gary Green is taking reasonable steps to minimize our footprint. We use recycled paper. We shred and recycle our paper. We do not use paper, Styrofoam, or plastic dishes or utensils. All our offices use fluorescent lighting. Our Little Rock office is located in a veritable recycled and restored building that dates back to the early 1900’s. We stir our coffee with spoons. We plant trees. We do not spend time debating global pollution, but try to do something about it.