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Looking to add a lawyer in our Little Rock, Arkansas consumer practice.  Cases primarily deal with personal injury, product liability, and professional negligence. Pay is based on production. Resume with introductory letter necessary to start the process.  We do not open attachments.

Law Offices of Gary Green, 1001 La Harpe Boulevard, Little Rock, AR 72201




  1. Every client call is returned on the same day it is received. If a client chooses to hire us today, an employment contract will be prepared today and taken or sent to the client today.
  2. Every call from the judge’s office is treated like an emergency.
  3. Every petition or complaint to be filed by Law Offices of Gary Green must be signed by Gary Green. Do not submit it for signature until you think it is perfectly plead, true, and correct.
  4. Be aware this law firm makes a contribution to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) in honor of every victim we represent against a drunk driver; a contribution to the BIA (Brain Injury Association) in honor of every TBI victim we successfully represent; and that we pay a 1/3 association fee to every licensed attorney who entrusts a client to us. If you forget these contributions, they will be paid when discovered and deducted from your payroll check.
  5. You will not accept or file a case that is not reasonably meritorious.
  6. You will keep an electronic trail of all work that you perform for a client so that the work can be monitored, saving to the case all documentation and summarizing with notes and computer entries all thought processes having to do with the representation.
  7. You will report to management immediately any client complaint or mistake made by anyone in representing the client.  You will report to management any abuse from any coworker.
  8. If we represent any client for any matter the matter shall be entered in our case management system from day one and a written contract shall be signed by the client and Gary Green. You do not have discretion to represent anyone for no fee, or to waive expenses.
  9. You will use Law Offices of Gary Green standard forms and no others. You may request changes to our forms but will not use your own forms or pleadings until they have been incorporated as Law Offices of Gary Green standard form documents.
  10. All clients and coworkers are to be treated with respect. Adverse parties are to be treated courteously until they prove unworthy, then they are to be treated with notice and due process.
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Our creed

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