Friday, 21 May 2010 22:41

Adoption and Family Law

Written by Law Offices Of Gary Green

It is wonderful when a couple decides to give a child a home by adopting. Once the decision is made, however, you may seem unsure on how to begin and what legalities you may face. On the other hand, we can only imagine how hard it is putting your child up for adoption because you want your child to have a better life. If you are a couple wishing to adopt, please send us a letter and biography, which we will keep on file for 6 months. We represent birth mothers in adoption cases and those who need legal services for step-parent adoptions as well. If you are a birth mother needing assistance for an adoption placement, please call our Little Rock office and speak with an attorney.

While we have placed infants with adoptive parents from all over the U.S., we currently limit our family law practice to the State of Arkansas. We do not handle adoption cases in the State of Missouri. Our fees in adoption cases and the reasonable expenses of the birth mother are paid by the adopting parents. Attorney fees for all other family law issues are charged hourly against an advance retainer.

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