Warranties are supposed to protect you, the consumer, from loss due to a problem with a purchased product. A product warranty is essentially a promise from the manufacturer to consumers that, even when used properly and as intended, if a product causes damage or injury, it will be replaced and/or the injured party will be compensated for their loss. Unfortunately, some manufacturers do not make good on their promise, and the warranty basically becomes worthless. This is what is known as breach of warranty.

Almost every product purchased comes with an expressed or implied warranty. This warranty may be written, verbal, or implied, meaning a product should meet certain minimal quality standards, and should not fail when used in a correct fashion or because of bad design. This is a consumer protection guarantee that the product should be free from defect and should not break or malfunction during a reasonable period of time from the date of purchase. When this warranty turns out to be worthless, it is time for you as a consumer to take action.

If a product that you have purchased turns out to be faulty and is covered by a warranty, or it has some other product liability issue, you should first try to work with the merchant or manufacturer. They should remedy the problem as covered by the warranty, but if they refuse, a breach of warranty lawsuit may be necessary to get compensation. With the help of an attorney who has experience dealing with product liability and warranty issues, such as Law Offices of Gary Green, you can get the monetary compensation you are entitled to.

Sometimes faulty products cause bodily injuries. If this has happened to you or someone close to you, it is important to know that you may also be entitled compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, or other losses and expenses. Your family may even be due compensation, even if you are uninjured, however, it is important to understand your rights and get representation when it comes to product liability issues and breach of warranty claims.

Sure, everyone occasionally purchases something that they may not be completely happy with. Sometimes the product isn’t what the consumer hoped it would be, but at other times, there is are greater issues at hand, and consumers are left feeling cheated or have been injured. Defective merchandise, injuries caused by products, and breach of warranty claims have many facets and should be looked over carefully by a product liability attorney. If you or a loved one suspects you might have a breach of warranty cause of action, you need to know what your options are.

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