Tire Failure

When it is over 100 degrees outside you want to keep your speed below 100 miles per hour! Much less, of course. As you are driving, be aware of the relationship of tire blowouts to heat, speed and age of the tires. See the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration report, which long story short, shows that in a hot climate tires four to six years of age should be replaced regardless of age or tread wear. To quickly check the age of your tires, look for the last few digits of a code on the tire which represents the manufacturing date of the tire. For example, the “459” on one tire means it was manufactured the 45th week of 1999. Since 2000, tires are identified using 2 digits for the week and 2 digits for the year. For example, a tire manufactured during the 31st week of 2005 would end with 3105.

Should your vehicle’s tires fail, whether it is due to a manufacturer’s faulty design or simply a poor quality production run, it can have devastating consequences in the form of car wrecks that can lead to brain injury, paralysis and even death.

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