ParaGard is an Intrauterine Device (IUD) that uses a copper coil to stimulate the immune system to provide long-term pregnancy prevention. Initially lauded for its ability to provide birth control without the use of hormones or their inherent side effects, ParaGard has recently been shown to have some potentially devastating complications of its own.

IUD implantation and removal are usually quick outpatient procedures performed in a doctor’s office. But sometimes during removal of a ParaGard IUD the T-shaped device can become implanted in the uterine wall, break apart or be found separated from its copper coil. Any of these scenarios can require an invasive surgical removal or lead to infection, scarring or other organ damage. Reproductive health can be seriously harmed. Miscarriages have been reported. Hysterectomies have been required.

The makers of ParaGard have not sufficiently disclosed these risks, making many women believe the device is safer than it actually is. If you or a loved one has used ParaGard for birth control and have been injured requiring surgical removal or hysterectomy, contact Law Offices of Gary Green toll free at 1-888-4GARYGREEN or email us at to discuss your legal options.