#X – Putting the Brakes on Texting & Driving


It’s no secret where Law Offices of Gary Green stands on the texting and driving issue – don’t do it! It endangers not only you, but everyone around you. With that in mind, we’re excited about the arrival of a new hashtag – #X – meant to alert your friends and family that you’re driving and can’t talk at the moment.

AT&T is encouraging drivers to use the new hashtag as a way to momentarily check out of a conversation. By slipping “#X” into a text convo or posting it to a social media site before you get behind the wheel, you can let your friends and family know that you’re not ignoring them – you’re waiting to respond until you’ve safely arrived at your destination.

Here are some more tips on incorporating this and other lifesaving tools into your routine, from AT&T’s It Can Wait campaign:

  • Use #X. Just send “#X” to end your text, email, and social conversations before you start your vehicle. It’s a simple and effective way to eliminate a dangerous distraction. It means, “I’m checking out while I drive. Back soon.”
  • Download the DriveMode app, which silences incoming text messages while you’re driving. More than a million people have downloaded the app so far.
  • Visit ItCanWait.com. Make a pledge with your loved one to never text and drive.
  • Follow the movement. Follow @ItCanWait on Twitter for all the latest news.
  • Find your own “Drive Mode.” Create a routine that helps you avoid the temptation to text while driving. It could be #X, DriveMode, or another app; hands-free technology; or even just turning your phone to silent – whatever works for you.
  • Please share the It Can Wait message with your friends, family, and loved ones. No text is worth their life!