Trusts and Wills

We all know that one day we will have to leave this world and all we own, and having a Trust and Last Will and Testament is the best way to secure that your wishes are carried out when that time comes. When you do not have a trust and will, intestate succession laws govern the distribution of estate assets—usually a portion of the estate goes to the surviving spouse and the balance to surviving children. Having a trust and will not only allows the estate assets to be distributed according to your wishes, but also allows for you to nominate a person to be responsible for administrating the estate, the establishment of one or more trusts, and the nomination of guardians in the event you leave minor children.

Trusts and wills can be drafted using general language so they do not have to be changed often. However, if a trust or will does need to be changed, the cost is not exorbitant. Generally, your trust and will should be reviewed when you move to a different state or when you experience a life changing event. No one is going to be fairer than you are. No one is going to carry out your wishes better than you will.

Think twice about delegating to someone else in the future what is to be done with your property. Do it now.

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