The Safest Car Models on the Road Right Now

Following Monday’s blog post about the most dangerous cars on the road, today we’re introducing nine car models that could save your life in a crash.

The following vehicles are so safe that they boast a driver death rate of zero:

  1. Audi A4 four-wheel-drive luxury car
  2. Honda Odyssey minivan
  3. Kia Sorento SUV
  4. Lexus RX 350 four-wheel-drive luxury SUV
  5. Mercedes-Benz GL-Class four-wheel-drive luxury SUV
  6. Subaru Legacy four-wheel-drive midsize car
  7. Toyota Highlander hybrid four-wheel-drive SUV
  8. Toyota Sequoia four-wheel-drive SUV
  9. Volvo XC90 four-wheel-drive luxury SUV

The study was done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Source: USA Today