Another dangerous drug recall. This time it’s a microbial contamination problem, not a problem with the recipe. The good thing—people who benefit from the drug still will be able to acquire it, just be aware and careful while the contaminated lots are switched out.

LEVETIRACETAM (generic for trade names KEPPRA, Elepsia) is an anticonvulsant to treat seizure disorders (epilepsy).

It is not known how the drug works.

Lannett Company has announced a recall of 2 lots of Levetiracetam Oral Solution, 100mg/ml packaged in 16 fluid oz bottles. Lots 2190A and 2191A, NDC # 54838-548-80, expiration date 07/2021. Can be identified by the lot and NDC #s.

Dosage, duration, and underlying conditions are relative to how someone could be affected. Those with compromised immune systems are most at risk.

Contact your pharmacy regarding switching out bad lots.

Contact the manufacturer with other medical Questions: 844 834-0530; or contact your physician.

This is a PSA, a warning; not a call to arms. There’s no compensation unless someone gets sick.

Law Offices of Gary Gren is currently keeping up with over 20 dangerous products and drugs.

The three most active are:

3M military earplugs-hearing loss/tinnitus;
Hernia/surgical mesh with revisions;
Glyphosate (Roundup) linked to blood cancers, non hodgkins lymphoma.

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