Lawsuits Raise Questions about NuvaRing

Grieving families and new lawsuits are raising questions about NuvaRing:

The NuvaRing is one of the most popular birth control products on the market. A flexible ring inserted vaginally, it releases a combination of hormones. By 2010 as many as 830,000 women were using the vaginal ring as a contraceptive method, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a nonprofit organization advancing sexual and reproductive health worldwide. At least 10.5 million women use hormonal birth control pills.

While studies have shown that the number of severe adverse events is extremely low — fewer than 11 cases per 10,000 women who use it for a year — the families who have lost loved ones point out that the incidence of life-threatening blood clots is double with NuvaRing than with older birth control pills.

Since the mid-1990s there have been multiple studies suggesting that while third-generation progestins are generally safe, they are approximately twice as likely to cause blood clots than older, second-generation birth control pills.

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Source: CNN