Juul, e-cigs (electronic cigarettes), and vaping

The jury is in!
They’re not good for you.
You might die!
Now that’s a good warning…

EVALI, e-cigarette vaping associated lung injury, is the name given by the CDC to the recent rash of deaths and lung injuries noticed across the country.

Feel sorry for those who used these products in an attempt to quit smoking.

Per the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), 29 samples of lung fluid from 10 different states (They’ve found the pattern !) have common ingredient, vitamin E acetate, a synthetic form of vitamin E. Vitamin E acetate now has been pronounced by the CDC as a chemical of concern. It is found in both tobacco and cannabis inhalers/vape pens.

Vitamin E acetate, a pale yellow viscous liquid, is similar to THC oil in consistency, thus one reason for its use as a cutting agent in the cannabis vape pens; commonly used in many products and apparently safe when rubbed on skin in a cream, or even when ingested in food, but not when heated. It has been described as having the consistency of grease! Greases turn solid at rather low temperatures. The melting point for vitamin E acetate is 97 degrees F.

These precautions apply to usage with both tobacco and cannabis.

Investigation continues. It might be found that vitamin E acetate is not the only culprit. There have been other injuries from e-cigarettes exploding- probably battery issues; or other chemicals might be reacting with the acetate.

If a medicine has to be smoked, it’s probably not a good idea; if one is trying to stop smoking, at least for now, vaping probably is not a good alternative; at least for now, altogether, vaping is not advised.

Over 40 deaths.

Over 2000 lung injuries including at least one double lung transplant.

Law Offices of Gary Green is investigating cases involving permanent injury or death- not handling addiction cases.

There must be a lab finding of vitamin E acetate, and products must have been purchased from a legitimate company. (Their products might be bootleg , but the company cannot be!) You cannot purchase a vape pen off the street, suffer injury, then expect to sue someone!