GM Under Fire for Defect-Related Deaths

General Motors is in hot water following a recent study that reported 303 deaths when airbags failed to deploy in 1.6 million compact cars. The cars were recalled by GM in February of this year, despite reports that the automaker learned of the problem as early as 2001. The new study also calls into question GM’s previous reports of only 12 deaths in 34 crashes involving the recalled cars.

Since the recalls, GM has faced increasing pressure to create a $1 billion fund and compensate victims. It is also facing a criminal probe, and both the House and Senate committees intend to hold hearings regarding both GM and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for failing to investigate why airbags were not deploying in GM Cobalts and Ions.

The NHTSA has been harshly critcized for not effective pressuring GM to recall those cars with defective parts, despite receiving hundreds of complaints from consumers over the past ten years.

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Source: Reuters