The Dangers of Driver Fatigue

The recent fatal collision in New Jersey involving comedians Tracy Morgan and James McNair (and several others), whose vehicle was hit by a fatigued truck driver, reminds me of a case we tried in Arkansas several years ago.

The defendant truck driver, who worked for an interstate company, left his home in Mississippi, traveled to California and then was returning to Mississippi – without sleeping. He made it as far as Arkansas – three days after he had started – before literally running over my client’s car. Adding insult to serious injury, he didn’t stop there, but plowed on for another mile before crashing into another vehicle that stopped him. When the state trooper arrived at the final resting place of the truck, he turned off the windshield wipers that had worn down to the metal. It was a blue-sky day.

At the deposition, the defendant driver testified that he “smoked [meth], snorted it and even put it into my Mountain Dew. I did everything but shoot it.”

The moral of the story? Drive defensively. Report erratic driving and sue to send a message that fatigued driving will not be tolerated.

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