2016 Ignition Interlock Report from MADD

Since 2006, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) has advocated for ignition interlock laws for all drunk driving offenders. Ignition interlocks are breathalyzers which require the driver to blow into a mouthpiece that registers BAC (blood alcohol content) level. If the analyzed result is greater than the allowed BAC programmed into the breathalyzer, then the engine will not start. These devices are installed in the vehicles of past convicted offenders in order to prevent their drinking and driving again at any BAC level.

MADD has found that these ignition interlocks have so far prevented 1.77 million attempts by a driver to drive a car while having an illegal BAC of .08 or higher, and another 12.7 million drivers have been stopped from driving with BAC of 0.25 or higher.

These numbers highlight three facts at the core of MADD’s campaign:

  1. Drunk driving offenders MUST be monitored before receiving unrestricted driving privileges.
  2. Simply trusting an offender to honor a license suspension does NOT protect the public.
  3. Ignition interlocks do what NO OTHER alcohol program can — block drunk drivers from starting their vehicles and using them as deadly weapons.

Read more about ignition interlock laws and how you can get involved at MADD.com.

Law Offices of Gary Green is a proud corporate sponsor of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. We donate to MADD for every victim we represent against a drunk driver. As of December 2015, we have donated in excess of $80,000 to the various MADD chapters in the states in which we practice.

Source: MADD Blog