Truck Accidents – Call Arkansas Truck Accident Lawyer Gary Green


When it comes to truck accidents, there is a lot of work to be done, and it takes a lot of money and people to do it. Law Offices of Gary Green has been there before.

We have handled claims against

  • Watkins & Shepard Trucking, Inc.
  • Cal-Ark International, Inc.
  • USA Motor Express
  • J&P Trucking
  • Autobahn Freightliners LTD
  • National Bus Carriers LTD
  • Weston Transport
  • Woody Bogler Trucking
  • USA Truck, Inc.
  • Landstar Ranger, Inc.
  • Graham Trucking, Inc.
  • Stuart Small Trucking
  • Star Transportation, Inc.
  • A&J Transportation
  • West Florida Transport
  • Clarksville Refrigerated
  • D&H Trucking
  • Werner Enterprises
  • All American Bottling Corporation, LLC
  • Callaway Transfer and Storage
  • PSM, Inc.
  • Gail Stuart Trucking, Inc.
  • Willis Shaw Express, Inc.
  • Paccar, Inc.
  • Central Hauling Company
  • J.L. Trucking
  • Jacobson Transport Company, Inc.
  • Strimbu Transport, Inc.
  • Lance Trucking, LLC
  • Roadway Express
  • Schneider National, Inc.
  • JNJ Express

Representing victims of truck accidents and tractor-trailer wrecks presents a challenge and complexity not experienced in other types of wrecks. (Federal rules and regulations apply even to cases filed in state courts. The stakes are higher. Expert witnesses are needed. Excuses and chicanery by the defense is the norm.) The attorneys of Law Offices of Gary Green have risen to that challenge many times, securing a recovery of more than $5M for one deserving client. Results vary and the resulting catastrophic injuries alone make trucking accidents and tractor-trailer wrecks distinct from all others. The resulting compensatory offers make these wrecks dangerous to the unwary. Our experienced lawyers know what you can expect to face and can help you find justice—no matter how evasive it may seem.

Since 1994 (I began practicing in 1979 but didn’t keep digital records until 1994), Law Offices of Gary Green has handled 23,347 personal injury cases, 34 of which involved 18-wheelers.

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