Arkansas Cancer Institute and FVL 2018-32 Outbreak

There has been an outbreak of an odd disease, a newly discovered bacteria here in Arkansas. Access ports, sometimes used with patients to administer medications or draw blood continually, were not getting flushed properly; the result was the growth of a bacteria previously unknown, which has been named FVL 2018-32 by the National Center for Disease Control.

The defendants say not to be alarmed; that it does not appear the infection is easily communicable; the cleansing problem has been fixed; and that all affected patients have been notified. The Health Department says antibiotics appear to be working.

But potentially over 100 people have been affected and are at risk. Over 50 have been infected and are being treated. Treatment can require hospitalization for days. Permanent damage can result. Three have died.

Still, there are a lot of unknowns.

The defendant is Arkansas Cancer Institute, Pine Bluff. The dates involved are March 22 through September 11, 2018. Victims are those who had their ports accessed at the Arkansas Cancer Institute during those dates.

Law Offices of Gary Green is representing affected people and their families.

Anticipated defenses are liability- infection cases are hard to prove; and causation- the Defendant already is saying the victims were treating for cancer; that their immune systems were suppressed, that we cannot prove the cancer (and, therefore, not their negligence) didn’t cause the damages. But we can. Admissions have been made. Patterns are present. Treatment (and in the death cases, autopsy) proves the connection.

Gary Green

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