Dram Shop Liability in Arkansas

According to Arkansas dram shop laws, are bars liable when an intoxicated customer causes damage?

A dram shop is basically a legal term for a bar or any entity that sells alcoholic beverages to the public. When an intoxicated person causes damage (injures or kills another or damages property), Arkansas law recognizes some sort of civil liability against alcoholic beverage vendors in certain circumstances.

Under the following circumstances, a person can seek and receive compensation from a vendor of alcohol under Arkansas law:

  1. When a vendor illegally sells alcohol to a minor, and the intoxicated minor injures or kills themselves or someone else as a result, a cause of action exists against the seller.
  2. When a vendor sells alcohol to an adult after that person is visibly intoxicated, and that person thereafter injures, kills or causes property damage to another due to the intoxication, a cause of action exists against the vendor.

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Source: AVVO

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