Friday, 21 May 2010 22:41

Divorce and Custody

Written by Law Offices Of Gary Green

We understand that issues that arise within a family that need to be settled through the legal system can be exasperating and even traumatic. We represent those who need legal services for divorce and child custody. We treat each case with the delicacy and respect that our clients deserve and distinguish ourselves by seeking solutions best suited to the needs of our clients.

Divorce happens, and when it does, we will be there to help. We will represent you through the trial court level for a flat fee of $950.00 exclusive of costs if the matter truly is uncontested and for a quoted retainer, exclusive of costs, if contested. To us contested means formal discovery is filed by either party or custody of minor children is sought by formal pleading by both parties. We can only offer a flat fee service in the counties in which we have offices or the counties contiguous to those counties.

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