Think about Fire Safety NOW, not Later!

As cooler temperatures approach, I start thinking about fires. I love fireplaces and fire pits and brush piles that need to be burned. We’re also getting ready to fire up our heaters for the first time this season, so now’s a good time to think about fire safety.

  1. Think about it now. If you wake up to a fire in your home, what’s Plan B in case your Plan A exit is blocked?
  2. Where’s the smoke alarm? Might want to test it.
  3. Where’s the closest fire extinguisher, and is it properly charged?

To me, these are the three big ones. I’m sure there are hundreds of other issues to consider when talking about fires. Yes, have your flues serviced. Don’t start fires with gasoline; don’t use unvented heat; don’t smoke in bed; no open flames outside the firebox.

Think about safety always, but please think about 1, 2, and 3 now!

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