What You Need to Vote in Arkansas

There’s been lots of talk in the news lately about voting rights. With upcoming elections, now is a good time to make sure you’re correctly registered so you can ensure that your vote will be counted.

Here’s what Arkansas voters need to know:

  • Currently, you must show ID to vote in person at the polls.
  • ID must show your name and photo, be issued by the United States, the State of Arkansas, or an accredited postsecondary education institution in AR and cannot be expired more than 4 years before the date of the election.
  • Acceptable forms of ID include: driver’s license, photo ID card, concealed handgun carry license with a photo, US passport with photo, US military identification document with photo, employee badge or identification document with photo, photo Voter ID card, public assistance ID card with photo, or student ID card issued by an accredited postsecondary education institution in AR with photo.
  • You can register to vote in person, by mail, or online. (Click here for more info on registering.) You must register 30 days before the election in which you wish to vote.
  • Go to the right polling place: call your county clerk or click here to look up your polling place online.
  • You should update your registration any time you move or change your name, including any name changes as a result of marriage or divorce.
  • You have up to 5 minutes in the voting booth to cast your vote (Ark. Code Annotated § 7-5-309)!

SOURCE: General Arkansas Voters Rights Guide


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