Ignition Interlocks – They’re Working!

The past few years have seen an increasingly outraged public speaking out about the catastrophic effects of drunk driving, and now there’s evidence that our voices are being heard. According to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), there are nearly 305,000 ignition interlock devices currently installed in the U.S. This means that interlock usage has increased at a rate of 30,000 units installed per year over the last 8 years, while the number of drunk driving fatalities has decreased during the same time period.

Because of those who tirelessly speak out against the perils of drinking and driving, and because of MADD‘s vigilance in convincing lawmakers to expand the use of ignition interlocks to all convicted drunk drivers, it is now undeniable that these measures save lives.

In fact, thanks to MADD’s campaign, both AAA and the National Transportation Safety Board have agreed that the required use of ignition interlocks for at least 6 months for all convicted drunk drivers is an effective method for making our roads safer.

Find our more about ignition interlock laws in your area and learn about how you can get involved by visiting MADD’s website. And check out the Law Offices of Gary Green blog for more info about our commitment to protecting those whose lives have been changed by a drunk driver.

* Info via MADD Messenger

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