Fire and Products Liability

As the cold of winter sets in, our daily routines change from outside activities to inside activities. When our families come inside, we unknowingly use our electrical products in the house more than we otherwise would. Children play games, we watch TV more and otherwise seek and find entertainment from electrical appliances. As the electrical usage in our homes rise, we unknowingly tax the electrical systems and electrical products in our homes. And when anything is used to its maximum potential, its weaknesses are exposed.

Many people are injured or killed in house fires every year. The causes of these fires can range from cigarette smoking to candles to faulty electrical systems to faulty appliances. When there is a fire, it is important to immediately get a private cause and originĀ  investigator on the scene to perform an independent analysis of the cause of the fire. This is especially important as most local fire departments do not have the resources or equipment to truly discern the cause and origin of a fire. Many times, because of their limited resources, the fire department officials are incorrect in their conclusions about the cause of fires.

It is also important that the area that was burned not be disturbed by any persons. Do not take anything from the area. Allow the professionals to do this. The mere location of an electrical appliance after a fire can provide valuable clues to assist investigators in determining the cause of a fire.

If it is determined that a faulty electrical system or product caused the fire, you may have a cause of action against the manufacturer or the product, the wiring system or the builder of the home.

At Law Offices of Gary Green, we have successfully handled many fire cases. We have a team of reliable experts that will quickly go to the fire scene and perform an investigation to determine the cause of the fire. If you or a loved one is the victim of a house fire, call us at Law Office of Gary Green.

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