Effects of Drunk Driving Accidents, Whether Fatal or Not

While drunk driving accident fatalities continue to decrease annually, drunk driving is still a problem. Drinking and driving is careless and dangerous, and drunk drivers know this. However, people continue to get behind the wheel when intoxicated, and this leads to accidents. Alcohol-related crashes can be devastating for the victim, the driver, and their families, even if only minor physical injuries occur.

In the event of a drunk driving accident, not only are victims entitled to compensation, but there may be cause for compensation for family as well. Those affected may be unaware that they are eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit or even a wrongful death suit, because they are not fully aware of the law, their rights, and how deeply they are truly impacted by the reckless actions of a drunk driver. This is why victims of drunk driving accidents and their families need to contact a personal injury lawyer like Law Office of Gary Green immediately.

For victims that suffer physical injuries, they often are impacted for their whole lives. Sometimes these physical injuries could bar them from enjoying everyday activities, or prevent them from working. They could be impacted by short or long term pain and suffering, both physically and mentally, and they may be entitled to compensation for this. These victims should consult with a personal injury attorney to recover monetary losses from lost wages, property damage, and more. They may be entitled to punitive damages as well.

Of course, fatalities are a horrible, devastating effect of drunk driving. When someone is killed in an alcohol-related crash, the loss of life isn’t the only effect. The families of both the victim and the driver could face a lifetime of mental anguish and stress. The victim’s family could be entitled to recover monetary compensation due to the loss of their loved one for this emotional distress, loss of companionship, and for comfort and care. The drunk driver’s family may also feel financial pressure, as they could endure civil litigation.

There are many negative effects for the drunk driver as well. Of course, they may be injured or even die in the crash, but even if they are uninjured, a major drunk driving effect is the feeling that life is over due to consequences they will endure. Drunk drivers can face penalties, fines, jail time, and other repercussions such as being barred from certain types of employment. If they were the cause of a drunk driving accident that harmed a victim or took a life, they will have to live with that for the rest of their lives, and might even pay for it through court-ordered penalties or civil suits.

The effects of drunk driving accidents are devastating for everyone involved. If you or a loved one have been the victim of drunk driving, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact Law Offices of Gary Green today toll free at 1-888-442-7947 or by email to ggreen@ggreen.com for a no obligation consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer or wrongful death attorney today.

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